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Grief, a Year Later.

A year ago today I received a phone call that would change my life forever. My mum is gone. The world around me crumbled. She was the best. Everyone is entitled to their bias, but […]

A letter to my Little self

Grief has sent me on a journey over the past year. A rollercoaster of emotions and a hell of a lot of reflection on my life so far. Hard lessons in facing realities and learning […]

Mini Pottery – A Guide To Failing Spectacularly

Has anyone else seen those mini pottery wheels advertised seemingly everywhere? Has anyone else been intrigued and 90% sure they’re a complete scam? After a few months of being fascinated from the side lines, I […]


Attempt one at butchering the work of Norman Ives really inspired me. This level of excitement really could have come in handy back in the days of school and course work! Better late than never […]

Butchering the Masters: Norman Ives. Attempt one.

Butchering the Masters takes me right back to my school days. A recent (very boring) pipe issue saw a lot of my old sketchbooks destroyed. This was more upsetting event than I would like to […]

Growing Out a Buzz Cut During a Pandemic

Growing out a buzz cut was never on my to do list, especially not during a pandemic. In 2017, my wonderful hairdresser Chelsea suggested the best hair cut I’ve ever had. It made me feel […]

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New Year, New Goals. Only a tad late. new years resolutions and vision board

New Year, New Goals. Only a tad late.

Welcome 2021! Okay, so I’m aware it isn’t technically the absolute start of the year but in a pandemic what is time anyway? Cue my new years resolutions combined with a rather extravagant vision board. […]

Turning 30 – Lessons, Gratitude and Plans

A month into being 30 and nothing much has changed. Let’s be honest it never really does, does it? I still don’t feel 29, never mind at the start of a whole new decade of […]

Stitch Fix – My First Impressions

If you haven’t already heard of Stitch Fix, you must not inhale podcasts and YouTube content like I do. In a nutshell, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service where you can find your perfect […]