Crafty bits: pom pom canvas

I used to absolutely love making pom poms as a kid, but I always remember them being such a faff with cardboard circles.  So much cutting out.  I discovered plastic pom pom makers about a year ago and, not to be dramatic, they have changed my life.  When the makers first arrived, I’ll admit I got a little over excited and used a whole ball of wool on various sized pom poms.  All in cream of course.  I didn’t know what to do with my new stock pile of fluffy little balls so for a while they sat in a bowl on my shelf.  They came in very handy at Christmas, helping to make my tree look a little less depressing.  As soon as the season was over they were out of a job again.

The answer then became very obvious.  Sew the pom poms on a canvas, duh.

Who doesn’t love wall art that’s a few inches thick?  It definitely fits my ‘style’ of colourless but textured perfectly!

I can’t wait to find the perfect spot in my new house and then move onto covering whatever else I can get my hands on in pom poms, maybe even adding a little colour in there!

Stay tuned!

Much love