Style: new hair

I don’t think I have ever quite appreciated how much a good hair cut can change how you feel about yourself.  I’ve never been too afraid to try new things with my hair, it always grows back, but I’ve never loved a cut quite as much as I love this one.  I made the decision to go for the big chop mainly because it was in pretty bad condition from dying the ends.

I’m not going to lie, when Chelsea starting cutting I had a massive wave of regret and thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life so far.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.


It took a few hours to get used to, but I couldn’t be happier with the results.  It’s more than just a cut, it’s given me a new level of confidence and sass.  I’m aware of how cheesy this sounds, but I’m all for anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

I’m only slightly ashamed to say, the sass that came with the cut lead me to buy a selfie light and spend a night playing around with makeup and taking photos of myself.  So vain, I know.  I have to say this did also give me a new appreciation for taking selfies.  By taking a bit of time to focus completely on myself and only looking to highlight the good bits and not focus on the bad bits, it gave my a nice little boost.  I’m definitely not converted into being a full time selfie queen, frankly I’m too lazy.  There’s nothing wrong with everything in moderation though right?

I did love experimenting with different make up and hair styles though.  Looks like my future is going to involve searching Pinterest for lots of new styles to try.

Stay tuned!

Much love