Crafty bits: canvas weaving

When I first started packing up my life ready to move house, I had a scary reality check when I realised quite how full my craft room was and how many supplies I have been saving and never using.  This is when I decided to set myself a challenge to make as many things as possible to decorate my new house without spending a penny.  To be honest challenge for me was finishing something I’d started, I get so easily distracted.

Looking at all my supplies, I went for the biggest things first.  A big roll of netting, a 24″x20″ canvas panel, a big thing of fishing line.  All things that I’ve literally had for years and have done very little if anything with.

The obvious, time consuming outcome for me had to be a weaving to put on my new living room wall.  I love texture but have always been pretty much terrified of colour and how to use it in any project.  It took longer than it probably should have done to click on to bigger knots and looser weaves take up more space and help those inches get covered faster.

This drove me a little bit crazy at times, but I’m so happy with how it has turned out.  All I need now is a lovely new feature wall to display it on!

Stay tuned!

Much love,