Style: work wardrobe

Recently I’ve been trying to put a bit more effort into my day to day work “look”.  I love nothing more than snoozing my alarm until the last possible moment on a morning, this doesn’t give a lot of time to plan an outfit to throw on before running out of the door.  With a thought to help myself out, I decided to spend some day off time putting together a few outfits to see if being prepared and organised will let me snooze and leave the house feeling good about myself.

I’ll be the first to admit, it isn’t the most inspired collection but it’s made up of outfits that are comfortable and give me a little bit of confidence.

My hope is that a little bit of organisation in the morning will give me one less thing to think about and (hopefully) lead to a stress free morning.  Let’s just see if I can stick to it, and if it works carry on trying to be an organised person.

Stay tuned!

Much love