Crafty bits: painted canvas

As a general rule, I hate drawing and painting.  I’d love to love it, but I find the whole process stressful and generally unenjoyable.  Having said that, every now and again I get an urge to do a bit of drawing, and unlike when I get an urge to go for a run, I embrace it.

I didn’t want to overface myself and regret my decision, so I went with a postcard size canvas card.  Once again, hours spent on Pinterest came in very handy with various leaf prints and pretty things to copy off.  Freehand copy and not trace which is my usual go to method.  IMG_2284

I absolutely love this little slice of painting, it’s by no means well done but it’s not horrendous and didn’t make me want to throw away all my pencils and paints when I was done!

Clearing out my current craft room/office, I found plenty of blank canvases if the mood every strikes me again!

Stay tuned!

Much love