Inspiration: living room

I recently made the very adult decision to by a house and once the solicitors have got the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed I should be moving in.  Hopefully in the not too distant future.  I’ve already started packing and have not so little box forts taking up the corners of most of my current rooms (I have far too many belongings).  To distract myself from the towers of cardboard boxes, I’ve been planning out all my new rooms and basically window shopping my next 2 years wages away.

The first room on my decorating hit list is the living room.  From what I remember of seeing the living room (at this moment it feels like years ago) it was perfectly livable but not my style at all – picture red, white and leather.  Whenever I’ve thought about decorating in the past I’ve always thought of keeping everything neutral and using coloured accessories to brighten things up, basically playing it as safe as possible.  I may have lost my mind at the beginning of the year which would explain why I decided to commit myself to 30 years of debt and go completely colour crazy.

I may be completely mistaken, but I’m fairly sure my new living room had plenty of natural light.  My basic thought is 3 off white walls and a feature colour wall.  Ground breaking, I know.  I’ve already got a lovely old fashioned arm chair that was reupholstered by a sweet old man who used to live down the road from my mum.  This chair is a terracotta/rust coloured velvet and I’m hoping it’ll be a pretty good anchor for the rest of the room.  Colour and texture.  And while I’m waiting to afford everything I want, I can sit in my loner chair and stare into the garden.

My best friend Pinterest has come up with plenty of inspiration for my new room.

Plenty of coloured cushions, wall art, and little trinkets to gather dust nicely.  Realistically a lot of these things I’m going to try and make myself, partly because I don’t want to work 6 day weeks for the rest of my life and party because I have a crazy amount of patience for making things that would cost thousands of pounds in man hours alone if they were from a shop.

A lack of funds doesn’t stop me browsing apps and online window shopping.  My two fave apps right now are Made and Wayfair.  So many pretty things and nice long wishlists.


Stay tuned!

Much love!