Inspiration: dressing room

I’ve been inspired and motivated by my new found ambition to fill my new house with colour and creative touches.  Seeing as I have no immediate need for a nursery, I thought the best use for the smallest bedroom would be a walk in wardrobe/dressing room.

My plan is to paint some kind of mural on the wall.  Obviously Pinterest has many pretty ideas.

I really love the idea of having bold splashes of colour with line drawings over.  I think I kind of like the idea of making the space where I get more creative with my wardrobe and makeup to feel like a nice, exciting place to be in.

I do also have a feeling that I’m going to regret all these decisions once it actually comes down to trying to paint pretty things on the walls!

The other side of this room has to be a bit more practical.  As in it needs to have some actual storage space.

I love the idea of being able to easily see everything I have, ideally with most things being hung up.  In practice though I can’t see anything like the images above being practical at all for the amount of clothes I have!  I can’t be the only person who would fill either of these spaces with one load of washing.

I do really want to make a conscious effort to keep this space tidy and organised and not have it turn into a floordrobe as soon as I’ve unpacked my many cases.

Stay tuned!

Much love!