Style: soft cup bra week

Now I know I’m not the only female who enjoys nice underwear, and don’t things you already love always seem so much better when there’s a sale/discount?  I’m an absolute sucker for a sale, especially when you get the email that says you’re a VIP and get special early access to the bargains.  Boux Avenue, your marketing works a treat – my credit card hates you.

I’ve recently found myself hating underwired bras more and more.  This could just be because I’ve put a bit of weight on so they’re tighter than they should be.  Or I’m just fully morphing into my inner 80 year old who likes being cosy, not wearing real clothes and knitting.  Obviously the cheaper and more sensible option would be to stop eating all the food that crosses my path, but where’s the fun in that?  That only leaves one option, buy more bras.  After all, if you buy in a sale then you’re saving money right?

I added everything I liked the look of to my basket, then took half of it out after I reminded myself I’m not a millionaire and I’m supposed to be saving money right now.  Sale shopping doesn’t count as real shopping so it doesn’t break the budget – justification logic.

When everything arrived I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit of all the bras.  I’ve ordered soft cups from places like ASOS before and although they are pretty, they offer no support at all and basically give up on life after about an hour.  Yes I’m aware when you take the structure out of something it’s not possible for it to offer the same support, but a girl can dream.  Is it too much to ask for comfort, support, style and shape?

A couple of the bras in this bundle need a bit of tweaking on the bands to get them to fit just right, but I had that in mind when choosing them.  As long as I can find my sewing machine between all the boxes that won’t be an issue.


I’m giving myself the super tricky challenge of wearing a different style every day to see if I can justify my little shopping spree or if I need to give up completely on the idea of pretty and comfy underwear.  I’m looking forward to coming up with some outfits, hopefully a nice combination of comfy and stylish.

Stay tuned!

Much love!