Inspiration: house plants

A (possibly) wasted night spent on Pinterest convinced me that when I move house I need some house plants.  They look nice and they’re good for the air, and let’s not forget it seems to be pretty trendy to have plants hanging around everywhere (who knew plants could be a trend).  The only downside here is I’m the kind of person who has recently managed to kill cacti.  That’s right, I killed unkillable plants.  That’s right again, not just one but multiple.

In my (terrible) defense, I got carried away and over committed to too many plants at once.  I’m not sure how forgetting to water more plants can be justified, so I just try not to think about it.

I’ve seen a few posts that claim to be links to lists of hard to kill plants but so far I haven’t committed my desire for pretty green things with actually following the links.

Maybe I should try buying one healthy looking plant and take it from there.  If there’s only one maybe I can keep it alive?  Failing that I might just have to find some realistic looking fakes and just pretend to embrace my inner hippy.

Stay tuned!

Much love!