Crafty bits: knitted blanket

Like any cool and hip twenty-something, my Friday night has been spent crocheting knitted rectangles together.  Such a party life I know.

Like the majority of projects I start, this has been half done for quite some time.  Just a sad pile of forgotten rectangles getting tangled up every time they got shifted over to a different seat.  What better way to spend Friday night than finally putting them all together into yet another blanket.


I’m definitely not claiming to be any kind of knitting expert – I was first taught by the local lollypop lady when I was probably around 7 years old.  YouTube has been a massive help jogging all those dinner time knitting club lessons but so far I’ve been playing it pretty safe and sticking to fairly basic stitches.  I like my knitting to be chunky and grow fast.  I think I’ve mentioned before my slightly irrational fear of committing to colour.  My usual tactic would be to stick to one colour and then not be a massive fan of the outcome.  When I was browsing online for reasonably priced wool (basically all my shopping is done online) I came across the best wool website ever – yes I am that sad. has all different colour packs, selections of colours that i think are supposed to have been chosen by designers so they work perfectly together.  I feel like I need to point out I’m not sponsored by them (although I’d love to be!).  I’m so happy with the results.

I can’t quite decide if I’d hate to work out how many hours I’ve spent knitting or if I’m quite proud of my dedication.  One of the plans for my new house is a hygge feel (is that how you use that word in a sentence?)  I want anyone who comes to visit to feel cosy and at home.  Anything that avoids paying for heating is also a pretty good bonus – not that I’m a cheap skate or anything.  I still need to do all the pesky stitching rogue tails in, but there’s plenty of time before any sign of a move in date!

One pretty satisfying thing about (nearly) finishing a blanket, I can now curl up under up with a glass of wine and finally watch the final Pretty Little Liars episode!


Stay tuned for the many more blankets in the near future!

Much love!