Style: work winter wardrobe

October is nearly over and winter is definitely here.  The past month has been a weird one, there’s been communal bouts of feeling a bit down and restless.  Maybe because the month before was so busy we’ve both been having that after Christmas feeling where the build up has gone and you don’t know what to do next.  Whatever the reason, thankfully that has all disappeared now and the positivity is back in the house.  

Taking advantage of the happy vibes, tonight seemed like a good night for a bit of prep to make the week run a bit smoother.  We are both absolutely terrible at waking up at a decent time in the morning but both strike to look like we’ve made an ounce of effort when we get to work.  We also work in one of the draftiest offices so as much as I’d like to rock an office chic outfit everyday, I don’t want to be a block of ice after 8 hours.

We’ve both come up with some super fashionable, brightly coloured outfits to make everyday a runway.  Oh wait, no, we’ve both played it safe and stuck with mainly black.  So original. 

Here is Lizzy’s beautiful little capsule wardrobe.  A nice mix of smart and casual, perfect for our office.

Here’s my little selection. 

I’m just hoping for a week of getting away with sleeping in but it not looking like it, not freezing and preferably not having to resort to wearing a blanket during the day.

Stay tuned!

Much love!