Style: work winter wardrobe update

This should have been the easiest week plan to follow but somehow we have managed to fail spectacularly.  I really don’t know how.  I think I mentioned me and Liz are both terrible at waking up, but this week we really have outdone ourselves.  Twice we both slept through our alarms. Twice.  We also managed to fail at what should have been the most simple part of the week, taking photos.  I contemplated recreating all of our looks for the week, then decided we’ve just failed too much and just need to draw a line under this and try again next time.  There’s no saving our pitiful attempt at a style blog.

The first couple of days started off pretty promisingly and we did manage to document our efforts.  These photos did happen at the end of the day though which most definitely isn’t the best time to try and show off the effort you have put in for the day.  After all your make up has worn off and knee and elbow creases are fully in play.  We tried a little bit though.  Massive room for improvement but we did show up for the blog, that counts doesn’t it?

Day 1

Day 2

So.  We didn’t do such a bad job for two days.  Then it all went down hill.  I think maybe it was too simple, there was no challenge to the week so we kept forgetting to keep up the effort?  Or maybe I’m just making excuses and need to accept the weeks lack of success. 

We’ve absolutely let ourselves down but I promise we’ll do better next time!  Today has been spent tidying the house and most importantly the wardrobe room, so fingers crossed this next week we will have a better mentality and the ability to stick to any kind of plan!

Stay tuned! 

Much love!