No more nail biting : update part 1

I can’t say there was any real victory about the last week apart from I’ve managed to do 8 days without getting a clip round the ear or a black eye from Hannah…its very true that old habits die hard. I’ve not noticed myself biting my nails at any point but then, on the other hand (no pun intended) I can’t see any real improvement. 

I’ve made an effort to moisturize, keep my cuticles tidy and file. I haven’t bothered with nail varnish but I think I should start. Maybe if they look bold I will take even more care making them look good and therefore not picking or biting them. 

This week’s challenge is to pick a bold colour that I wouldn’t usually go for and make it last all week.

If any one has any tips on how to break the habit or how to make varnish last longer than 2 days please leave a comment and help a girl out ✌
Much love

Lizzy xx