Style: crazy trousers night

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix the ASOS Black Friday sale with wine? I’m sure this is a burning question to most people, so here we are to answer that question.

The result is basically a shed load of trousers that seemed like they’d be a massive laugh and would be sent straight back. My credit card is very disappointed in me right now.

It’s been a communal Christmas splurge, completely unnecessary but honestly I don’t think there are any regrets. This could be the start of a quarter(ish) life crisis.

So. Here’s our attempt at styling what we bought. It goes without saying, neither of us are professional stylists but we do our best to scrub up when we have to.

Trouser #1

These got an initial ‘hmm not sure, they can probably go back’ and then they were tried on. These trousers are so comfortable and soft and plain old not black. They fit us both really well and definitely won’t be going back.

Trouser #2

For me, this was the start of a series of ‘who the hell do you think you are?’ Lizzy looks far better. I may not have found the perfect combination, but these trousers feel like they’d be so warm on a winter night out, surely that’s a reason to give them a space in the wardrobe?

Trouser #3

Velvet. Do I need to say anymore? Probably. I feel like velvet is a bit of a marmite thing, some people love it, some people can’t stand to be in the same room as it. Or is that just my sister over reacting? This pair is amazing though, so cosy and soft and are not being sent back under any circumstances.

Trouser #4

It wouldn’t be Christmas without sequins. I absolutely love these ones, they’re fully covered. Front and back sequins. Most sequin trousers I’ve looked at before that aren’t a ridiculous amount of money are little liars and are only covered on one side. Nice little bonus with these, they’ve got a nice cosy lining. Definite keepers.

Trousers #5

I feel like these metallic paper bag top things look better in person and neither of us has completely nailed the top half. They feel amazing on though. There must be the perfect top out there somewhere, that could just be the next challenge. I don’t think they’ll be going back any time soon.

Trouser #6

These look far better on Lizzy than they do on me. They’re also another pair that we had a bit of a laugh about and thought they’d be going straight back in the post. I’d say for me they are the second in the series of ‘who the hell do you think you are?’ But what’s so wrong with attempting to channel your inner badass wannabe every now and again?

Little bonus here, but when lizzy isn’t coordinating her wine with her outfit, she loves nothing more than pleather and a woolly jumper.

Trouser #7

So I think with this shop the no black challenge was in my head. Another pair of green trousers. They’re amazing though. The fabric feels great and they look pretty great on both of us.

Trouser #8

I had mixed feelings about this pair. Half thought they’d be going straight back, half had my fingers crossed they’d look pretty cool on. I think they look pretty cool (a little bit ‘who the hell do you think you are?) and they’re one of those bit of clothing that forces you into feeling confident. Winner.

So. Not entirely sure what else there is to say. I think this has been a pretty good haul. Probably a lot of what I wouldn’t have tried if wine hadn’t stepped in, but I’m very glad I’ve tried out some new styles. Luckily ASOS offers extended returns over Christmas so if any of these are still sat sad and lonely on the rail after Christmas, my credit card will be very glad to see the back of them. I’m hoping more for some pretty creative new outfits to see this year out in style. Because clothes are so important, obviously.

Stay tuned!

Much love!