Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Would it really be a new year without a soppy look back on the year that just ended and a long list of resolutions for the brand new year ahead? Didn’t think so. Here we go then!

I know everyone usually says it, but I’m very grateful for everything that has happened this year. Maybe waking up without a hangover for the first time in over a decade (on New Year’s Day not just in general) has given me a mushy new start boost.

My biggest achievement of the year was definitely buying my house. Very exciting and also one of the most stressful things I’ve ever attempted. Definitely worth it all though. Stage one of thousands (basic decorating) is done, 2018 is going to see lots more changes and exciting projects. Currently no idea where I’m going to start, but I’ve got plenty of ideas (and a bursting board on Pinterest) to choose from.

There have also been a couple of amazing holidays in the last 12 months. Nice hot Spain and absolutely freezing Belgium. Both so much fun in their own ways. Clearly holidays are something that need to carry on. Has anyone ever said they’re done with escaping their day to day lives for a short time?

While holidays are always fun, I’m so lucky to have the best group of ladies for all year round nights out and general good times. So glad to have met all these amazing women, cheesy as it is I can’t imagine life without them. Well honestly I can but it wouldn’t be half as much fun. It goes without saying, this year is going to see a lot more nights out and general good times. I’ve currently got a blank diary sat on my kitchen table that needs filling ASAP.

It wouldn’t be a true reflection without mentioning the two hair cuts that have given me the biggest confidence boost. It still amazes me that a good haircut really has that much power. I’ve managed to stick with the blonde without messing around with any other wash out colours or toners or anything for three months, is that long enough to not have any instant hair regrets? I think it might be time to do some more experimenting.

It would be rude to ignore that all the new found confidence has lead to quite a lot of posing over the year. I used to be so self conscious, had my hair cut and now I just think who the hell cares, if I can take a picture in a few tries and I like it, where’s the harm? I can’t lie, I bought a ring light towards the end of the year so if anything there’s just going to be more posing over this next year. Who knows it might force me to get better at makeup and actually posing like a non awkward person!

Ended the year on a massive high surrounded by family playing games and catching up. I’ve discovered I’m a pro at kids articulate. I definitely don’t spend enough time with these wonderful people, that’s something that needs to be sorted.

So, there’s my mini reflection. Not very deep but better than nothing, right? That’s what I’m going with anyway.

Lots of exciting plans for 2018, going to do my best to keep them all secret though until everything materialises but definitely a lot to look forward to!

Stay tuned!

Much love!