Style: update and new challenge

I can only apologise for the lack of update on my last work style challenge. I have zero acceptable excuses. I didn’t freeze. Nothing dramatic happened. I just spent a month burying myself in a pile of blankets after work and forgot to take any photos. If anyone has any tips on how to not forget to take photos that would be amazing!

Even though I don’t have any photographic proof, I honestly did keep up with the planned outfits and I think they went down pretty well. More importantly I was so cosy everyday. It could have helped that I moved one of the heaters to directly under my desk. I’m going to say it’s a combination just to humour myself.

Here’s a quick reminder of what I decided to go with, plenty of jumpers and base layers.

The least comfortable outfit was the fluffy jumper and stretch pencil skirt, to be fair this was only because I ate way too many biscuits that day and the skirt just ended up feeling a bit constricting. Loved the cosy factor from the top though, this was off the scale comfy.

One thing that really bugged me throughout the week (apart from being squished into a pencil skirt) was the complete lack of pockets. I don’t think I’ve gone so long without anywhere easy to hold my phone.

I’ve decided to take a different approach to this next style challenge. In previous weeks I’ve planned out each days outfits in advance in the hope that it’ll make the mornings easier and I’ll be able to get to work on time looking put together. I’m not so sure this has really helped. I’ve still been not punctual and not always feeling my best. This time, I’m going to set myself a few little guidelines and leave finding the clothes until each morning. I could just be setting myself up for an instant fail but I think it’s definitely worth a go.

So. I feel like three is the magic number when it comes to rules. If it’s good enough for Dua Lipa then who am I to argue?

One. No jeans.

Two. Only items that haven’t seen the light of day in over 6 months.

Three. Add a bit of office appropriate spice into the outfit.

Fingers crossed this is going to be a good week. If anyone has any suggestions for being a functional adult in the morning or how to dress then please leave a comment!

Stay tuned!

Much love!