Craft: jewellery making part 1

I am officially now a student. I love it. Had started to get that stuck in a rut kind of feeling, everything getting a bit Groundhog Day so needed something to shake things up. I’d seen this silversmithing and jewellery course a couple of years ago but never got around to signing up for it. I finally got my ass into gear and enrolled. I’ve only been to one session, but so far it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

The first session was a get straight in there kind of session. All us newbies walked away with a fully polished, perfectly fitting ring with our own designs and completely handmade.

The brief was very simple, make a ring that fits and hammer a design into it. I went with an all over ‘H’ design, it is all about me after all. I’m honestly not that much of a narcissist. I kind of like it, looks a little bit liked ‘HI’.

So proud of myself for a first attempt. It’s still a little bit messy around the solder line and the edges but that’s where practice comes in.

So excited for the next 15 weeks of experimenting and making!

Stay tuned!

Much love!