Style: dressed by Liz

After a good few weeks of planning work outfits, and 20 odd years of having to dress myself in general, this past week I have given up completely. What’s the use in having a housemate if you have to do everything yourself? I have given complete control over to Liz. She has had the pleasure of choosing all my clothes, shoes, accessories, hair styles and makeup flair (I got to stick with my usual base routine seeing as I’m obviously a pro at that).

Day 1

Great start to the week. Culottes I haven’t worn in about two years, white half button down top that also hasn’t been worn in about two years, knee high boots, goldy necklace and a red lip. I was a little bit apprehensive at first, pretty sure I stopped wearing the top and bottoms because they got a little bit too snug. Massive bonus, they both fit just right. The top is a bit more booby than I usually wear for work, but luckily all conversations were aimed at my face. Both these items are very welcome in the standard rotation – if I ever end up back in that cycle.

Day 2

This is an outfit that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself but I felt amazing. Pretty sure it’s from Liz’s ‘Bridget Jones’ collection. The only down side to this outfit was a slight modesty issue. I spent most of the day on my knees taking photos. It’s a good job I was in the office alone. Pretty sure I was flashing the room at quite a bit. This day also turned into a pub night (cue the bathroom photo shoot), perfect day to night look.

Day 3

I think this has been an old staple in my wardrobe rotation before. Definitely more practical for sitting on the floor for half the day.

Day 4

Liz started the day by saying she had the most daring outfit of the week planned that was just her style. Knitted jumper, knitted tights, docs and a pretty skirt. Loved this style. The skirt did feel a smidge tight though which made me feel slightly uncomfortable, if I can lay off the pizza for a bit it could be a future winner.

Night 4

What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help my other friends celebrate Friday night? The absolute worst kind. I loved this outfit and felt amazing. Wasn’t feeling heels but these leopard pumps are my favourite go to flats. Turns out a bar isn’t the best place to get a solo outfit picture, who knew? Can’t beat a mini photo shoot with the best bouncer in town though.

Day 5

This was a complete dead day. Too much fun on a Friday doesn’t leave much time for an outfit to be planned on Saturday morning. If anyone is interested, I went with the old classic grey jumper, jeans and docs.

I loved this week. It was so nice not having to think about a thing and always feeling good in what I was wearing. It was nice having someone else’s perspective on how I should be dressing. It gave me some inspiration for how to dress myself in the future. Or I could just try and get Liz to pick out my clothes for the rest of my life.

Stay tuned!

Much love!