Style: eBay haul update

This week has possibly been the worst week for short skirts and (wannabe) fancy outfits. There has been so much snow. For England anyway. Sensible people would probably have postponed the fashion show and opted for long johns and thermals, but then I’ve never claimed to be a sensible person.

Day 1

First day and I fully embraced the short, tight and high. It all made me feel pretty good, the slight downside was the top rising up and flashing a very cold sliver of flesh.

Skirt – Miss Selfridge £0.01 (£3.40 postage)

Day 2

Head to toe black and white. I loved this outfit. Velvet boots don’t work very well in the snow though. I wasn’t such a fan of the little tummy podge going on, but I’m going to choose to blame that on there being too much top tucked in.

Skirt – Miss Selfridge £0.99 (£2.90 postage)

Day 3

This day had the most snow so far and a high temperature of -3. The sky did look pretty on my half snow day though so decided to suffer for my art and try to take some photos outside. This is definitely the same skirt as day 1 just in a very slightly different pattern. What a good job I’m a new fan of the short, tight skirt.

Skirt – Miss Selfridge £0.99 (£2.90 postage)

Day 4

This wasn’t quite the outfit I’d wanted to wear. My plan was to mix patterns up and put my tailored check trousers with this jumper (this might be the softest thing I’ve ever bought). The snow had other ideas for me. I had decided to walk to work and any shoes that went with the trousers would have left my with two frozen stumps by the time I’d finished the treck. I don’t hate the result, it’s just a little bit safe and not that exciting. As soon as the snow is gone I’ll give my original outfit a chance to see the world.

Jumper – Miss Selfridge £0.99 (£2.40 postage)

Day 5

This dress came with the tags still on. Winner. It’s lovely and soft but really not that warm. I spent all day feeling a little bit fat and absolutely freezing. Not my favourite look of the week but in slightly warmer weather, and when I’ve not been eating quite so many carbs, it might be a more appropriate outfit choice.

Dress – Miss Selfridge £0.99 (£2.20 postage)

Well done wine. I think this has been a pretty successful eBay shopping session. It felt pretty good having a little capsule wardrobe, it would have been a little bit nicer if every day didn’t require two pairs of tights. I did manage to wear a necklace every day, just forgot to do any close up photos. Idiot. I’ll do my best to work on photographing my of myself in the future.

Stay tuned!

Much love!