Style: Pinterest make up part 2

Alone in the house with no plans to get out of my dressing gown can only mean one thing, it’s time to get on Pinterest and try out some crazy makeup.

The most experimental I ever get with eyeliner is attempting a slight flick. It never ends up even. Sometimes ends up meeting my eyebrow. Quite often gets wiped off before I leave the house. This obviously means I need the practice.

Look 1

Lower lash bold line? So. My line accuracy could definitely do with some more practice, but in my defence I was working with the chunkiest eye crayon possibly in existence. This started to stress me out a little bit until cotton buds came to the rescue to try and neaten things up a little bit. Not sure I’d ever wear this exact look out, but maybe a toned down version could work?

Look 2

Crazy cat eye? It is so ridiculously hard to get eye makeup symmetrical and take a decent front on photo. I think I may have found a pretty good way to help myself with eyeliner in the future though. Who knew a half dried up felt tip liner could actually be of some use? It makes a great light line that can very easily be covered or wiped away. Great little tip for the night.

Look 3

Outlined brows? This was a perfect example of how a black cat eye very quickly goes too far. I also don’t think I quite have the perfectly precise brow necessary for this look. Really can’t see this working in the real world. Unless glitter? I was really impressed with this new Rimmel ultimate eyeliner, it goes on so nicely and may be my new favourite thing.

I’m not too sure how to sum all this up. I might be as far away from being a beauty guru as humanly possible, but where’s the fun in everything being perfect? I think I do need to invest in some brighter colours and skinnier pencils (never thought I’d be saying that) it’s really not so easy to experiment when all your pallets are nudes.

Stay tuned!

Much love!