Style: kitchen haircuts

What’s a girl to do when her hair is starting to look like a shaggy dog but there’s no money for a haircut?  Buy some clippers from Boots and pay your friend in wine?  Perfect plan.  So, the last time Liz cut hair it was at uni and she shaved question marks into a guys head before a pretty fancy party.  What could go wrong here?

I’m very pleased to report she did an amazing job and I no longer have curls poking down the back of my neck.  Great investment and great friend.

Who can resist a free trim in the kitchen?  We’ll have the whole office smartened up and ourselves drunk in no time.  Stephen was a very willing model for the night and pulls some great expressions when he’s sped up like a mad man.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a play around with time lapse.  I think it has to be my new favourite thing.  I’ve recently found an app for adding music onto videos, so far I’m pretty impressed.  I’m very aware I need some more practice and a child could probably have achieved this, but I am an old lady at heart so I’m pretty pleased with myself.  The plan is to do some proper homework this week and hopefully start to put together some more exciting moving content.

Stay tuned!

Much love!