Craft: jewellery making part 3

So this isn’t technically part 3 of my jewellery making progress, but it is the third completed experimentation.  Hopefully that bit (a linkage system if you were wondering) will be finished in the next couple of weeks, but for now it pretty much looks like a pile of scraps.

This session was about experimenting with enamel.  Honestly, I’ve never been such a huge fan of enameled jewellery but I think I may have changed my mind.


It does seem to be a bit hit and miss with judging the amount of powder and length of time in the kiln, but that does make it a little bit more exciting.  Yes, I do get excited about craft projects.


The basic technique is to cover your (very clean) metal in whatever colour powder you want and then throw it in the kiln.  More realistically place it gently on a little rack and use a bit weird fork to shimmy everything into the heat.  Then you have to wait and keep an eye on the powder changing from grainy to nice and smooth.  If you leave your pieces in too long, they go a bit bubbly, but honestly I don’t hate that effect.  I was warned that poorly applied enamel can crack and flake off, so far all of mine seems to still be intact 4 days later so fingers crossed I haven’t done anything drastically wrong.


I think these two weren’t covered well enough in powder, but I kind of love the uneven effect.

I’m a little bit unsure of how to apply this technique to anything usable or wearable but surely Pinterest will be able to point me in some kind of interesting direction.

Stay tuned!

Much love!