Style: curly hair trials

You could say I’m becoming well overdue for a haircut, I’m choosing to view this as an opportunity to see if longer top bits with a fairly clean under cut provide any more styling options.

I can only apologise for the low quality of image and video here.  There have just been disasters all around.  I tripped over my ring light and broke the plug out of the wall and to top things off, my front camera has a nice crack across the lens.  Great.  There’s enough excuses, now time to get on while the attempted styling.

Normally, I dry my hair either straight forward or to the side.  It’s far to long to go forward any more, so why not try straight up?  I used the Bleach London shampoo and conditioner again to revive the pink and then a bit of V05 to try and prevent any more damage than I’ve already done.


The last time I tried curling my hair while it has been short, I ended up looking like an 80s mum with a very bad perm.  This time, I think it has turned out quite a lot better.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say the blonde and pink definitely helps, but so do the extra couple of cm.

My initial aim had been to come up with some updo hairstyles seeing as the internet doesn’t seem to have anything exciting to offer when your hair is above shoulder length.  There may be a reason there aren’t many tutorials out there.

Look number 1.  A skinny little french plait to nicely show off the full extent of my roots and a curly swoop over to one side.  Very simple.


Look number 2.  A chunky, slightly messy, plait to separate all the different colours going on in my hair right now.  I’ll be honest, I have absolutely no idea what is going on at the back here, I threw a couple of grips in and hoped for the best.


I think I may have been a bit too quick to judge other people attempting to style short hair.  It’s hard.  I am a fan of the curly look though, it makes a nice change from the usual straight, windswept or bedhead I’m usually rocking.  Maybe I’ll have to let it grow out just a little bit longer to get some more versatile curls going on.


Stay tuned!

Much love!