Travel: Prague

I absolutely love this city.

All those years ago when I was a full blown university student, I got the opportunity to study in Prague for a semester. Absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done. I fell completely in love with the city and have been looking for an excuse to go back ever since.

When I was at uni, I was also lucky enough to meet some of the best girls ever. This bunch of beauties try and meet up at least once a year for some European adventures. Possibly the best long term plan ever made.

We had a vague plan of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do, basically sightseeing and beers. Spotted by locals had some great suggestions and also helped jog my memory of places I used to go.

We walked a total of 46 miles over four days and drank approximately 1,000 litres of beer. If I never see another pint again, I’ll be just fine about it.

A basic run down of our itinerary goes as follows:

New Town

Old Town

Chapeau Rouge

Charles Bridge

Prague Castle

The Pub

Lesser Town

The Irish Times Bar

With plenty of extra little bars, restaurants, sweet shops, desert stands, riverside strolls and midnight shenanigans.

We found an amazing little street market where the had the most amazing pad thai and lovely cheap beers.  It was somewhere not a million miles away from Charles Bridge and not too far from the riverside.  Sorry I can’t be more specific than that, knowing where I am in the UK is enough of a struggle.


We went to The Pub and got the chance to try (and somewhat fail) to pull our own pints. Some people might think this is a terrible photo, I like to think it captures the moment quite well. Two days of too much beer, followed by more beer.


The graffiti artist inside everyone can’t resist a little trip to the John Lennon wall. It’s stunning and creative and one of those places that has irresistible character. Cheesy I know. I’ll try to stop.  It is a new tradition to sign the wall every 6 years or so.  This does mean there will have to be a trip planned in 6 years time (if not sooner).


Chapeau Rouge was one of my favourite bars when I was a student.  Don’t you just love it when places you fell in love with haven’t changed after so much time?  The one downside to this bar is all the red lighting that is not camera friendly at all.


This city is just absolutely amazing. Everything is beautiful, the beer is cheap and being there brought back so many wonderful memories of being young and completely carefree.


I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention our mode of transport from the airport.  Being the fancy (or basic) ladies we are, how could we not get picked up by a limo?  At 10 in the morning.  The looks of judgement from random passers by were definitely worth it.  I challenge anyone to come up with a better mode of transport when you’re slightly hungover from the 5am pre flight proseccos.


I still have some left over currency which to me seems like the perfect excuse to go back again soon.

Stay tuned!

Much love!