Craft: finishing projects

Am I the only person who has literally boxes (big boxes) full of unfinished projects? I hope not.

While attempting (again) to organise my garage/craft room, I came across one of maybe four full cardboard boxes. I thought this was just going to be full of fabric I’ve not gotten around to using yet. I wasn’t completely wrong but did uncover too many clothes that had been put aside for simple repairs probably 3 years ago.

You can clearly see how much I’ve always loved colour in my wardrobe. The two playsuit were bought on eBay and have never been worn. The dress was last worn at Christmas maybe 2 years ago. The jumpsuit used to be a solid favourite probably 4 years ago. This is ridiculous.

I spent about an hour and a half doing these jobs that I’ve been putting off for so many years. It actually felt quite nice to finish something for a change. I will say right now though, I’m a little bit embarrassed at how simple these fixes were, I’ve definitely outdone myself with the lazy factor.

The dress had a little hole where the lace overlay had come away from the sleeve. A nice little bit of hand stitching and my wardrobe has gained a new dress. Luckily I’ve fixed this one before the weather gets too nice and it’s still acceptable to wear a midi length black dress.

The old trusty jumpsuit had been repaired a few times before. Too much pizza and a concealed zip really aren’t the best of friends. Hopefully this fix will actually stick this time and I be out rocking this piece until the fabric gives up on life.

This cute little playsuit was advertised on eBay as having a loose strap. Not a major issue, just one that hasn’t taken priority, until now. I’ll admit, I haven’t tried this one on since the quick fix but I figured there’s no point scaring myself before it’s even playsuit weather.

This is another bargain eBay playsuit. It’s a petite and while I’m not a giant, I’m definitely not petite. I don’t think anyone has ever managed to make a camel toe look nice so my very simple thought was does it really need to be a playsuit? No. A quick chop along the bottom and a hem and I’ve got a top that has finally escaped its cardboard box.

It might have taken far too long, but 4 things out of a box does count as unpacking doesn’t it? I’m going to go with yes and set myself a little challenge to try and ‘unpack’ a few more things every week. At this rate, it’ll only take 10 years to get through all my boxes. Wish me luck!

Stay tuned!

Much love!