Craft: jewellery making part 4

This is currently my longest running jewellery project. I think I started this about 4 weeks ago, but now it’s finally finished. So proud. The brief was to create a linkage system and the aim was to practice soldering.

For so long this project was a pile of slightly differently shaped rings. We had to make these ourselves using various metal stakes and then sawing them into individual pieces. This took forever. At this stage I didn’t have much of a plan (what’s a plan?) all I knew is I wanted a mix of shapes and sizes.


After quite a bit of messing around, I came up with this set up. There’s something pretty satisfying about a repeat pattern. Especially when you have just the right about of rings. This was my first prolonged experience with soldering and what a faff it is. At college we were using a sheet solder that has to be chopped into tiny pieces. My pieces were definitely too big so each ring has quite a bit silver section. I’m going to say this is a design feature to break up the colour of the wire.

When I ordered my first set of jewellery supplies I opted for the premixed solder and flux tube thingy. This could be cheating. I was having too much fun turning my kitchen into a workshop to really care.

After a couple of hours in the barreller, this is what I came home with. So shiny.

So, it’s not exactly my style and I don’t know if I’ll ever wear it out but for my first proper attempt at soldering, I don’t hate it.

More practice is needed but I’ve lost my fear of the fire and can’t wait to get some more projects started.

Stay tuned!

Much love!