Style: early spring styling update

It feels like so long since I’ve done one of these self imposed styling challenges. I’ve kind of forgotten how to awkward pose. First world problems in a nutshell there.

Quick recap, the challenge was to wear at least one brightly coloured item, put some effort into my makeup and wear different shoes to the winter ones I’m so sick of wearing. This should be so simple but if anyone put money on me not following through with everything completely, they’d be winning.

Day 1

The first day was forecast to be the coldest of the week so thought a jumper was a good place to start. My initial plan had been to have bare legs. I chickened out. Me and my bare legs have a complicated relationship and I couldn’t bring myself to start the week with that stress. Just to bring the drama level right down, this was a 30 second decision, not something I had agonised over.

Day 2

I actually quite liked this outfit, but I pretty much hate all Tuesdays. There’s just something about them. I’d rather have a week of Mondays than a week of Tuesdays. This outfit gave me that casual but put together feeling, that’s not something I ever usually feel so that’s a massive bonus for the day.

Night 2

I thought I’d throw this little bonus outfit into the mix. Mid week cocktails deserve a bit of colour too. I love this little top. I did feel a little bit self conscious having a flash of belly on show, then decided I needed to get over it.

Day 3

For the first time ever, I managed to take my outfit picture before work. I never thought I’d see the day. Not sure I’ve ever worn such a bright pink, thought I was going to hate it but honestly, kind of loved it. This hair though, not the worst it’s ever been but it’s definitely up there. Photos early on in the week have me the push I needed to get back to the hairdressers.

Day 4

This threatened to be such a hangover day. The night before had been food and drinks with the work family, we’ve never been out and not gone overboard. So glad I had my outfit ready in advance, this morning was the quickest getting ready. This didn’t give much time for makeup, so my face did let the outfit down just a bit. I feel like I need to point out these trousers are definitely quite a bright green, it’s not a cheat outfit I just didn’t figure out how to deal with the sun while taking photos.

Day 5

This last outfit felt like a little bit of a cheat. My top could have been brighter. It was the end of what felt like the longest week, to be honest at this point I was just ready for the super short weekend. Plus point for the day, I found my favourite (and aptly named for my day job) wine on offer in a huge bottle. The Horologist for anyone who’s interested. This jean and shoe combination has to be my favourite basic thing to come out of this week.

On the whole I don’t think I failed too badly with this challenge. The last top was a bit boarder line (I’m being very generous with myself there). Makeup game started off well. I impressed myself and actually managed to put eyeliner on for three days in a row. It all kind of went down hill from there though when I stopped waking up early enough to utilise my (pretty) perfectly organised makeup station. Next week I will definitely (try to) do better. I’ve just had another amazing hair cut that deserves to be shown off with a good face. The shoes. I can’t lie (you can see for yourself) I didn’t do very well on this front. I did wear shoes that I hadn’t been able to wear during winter but I had planned on pushing myself to wear more than two pairs all week. I’ll do better next week.

I enjoyed this week. It definitely helped that the weather was actually pretty amazing. Is this scientific proof that willing good weather with brightly coloured clothes actually works? I might just have to try it again next week to double test this theory.

Stay tuned!

Much love!