Craft: jewellery making part 5

When I first started this jewellery making course I was adamant I wanted to stick with base (cheap) metals until I was a master at everything. Yes I was this big headed to think I could become a master jeweller in 16 weeks.

Last week changed this idea. To be clear, not the mastering part, I was well aware after week one becoming an expert would be a long, long journey. I got the chance to try casting silver. This may be my absolute new favourite.

As usual I was wildly unprepared for the class, but luckily everyone else on the course is super lovely with no reservations to help anyone. I borrowed a gorgeous old button, bought some scrap silver and was ready to go.

The process was basically fill a form with this sand thing, press in what you want to cast, fill the other side of the form, pike some holes through, get the silver crazy hot, pour and hope for the best. The level of detail in the burnt out sand was amazing.

I was so impressed with myself at how my first attempt turned out. All the detail came out beautifully. There were just a few knobs on the back that needed sawing off and filing down. That was a fun job.

After my fingers were numb from holding and filing then a good hour or so in the barreller, I’m so happy with the result.

Not too sure what I’m going to do with this now, I’m thinking maybe a pendant. Don’t really know how to do this but I’m sure it’ll all be fine in the end.

Stay tuned!

Much love!