Style: budget styling

After a recent adulting session of going through my finances, I realised what little spare cash I have at the moment. Nothing to worry about, but definitely no room for a cheeky ASOS shop. The fact I literally have a room for my clothes should suggest I don’t need to buy anything new. Who can resist though?

I’m a general nightmare for buying things I’m not too sure about and never quite getting around to sending them back. The amount of tags and unused items isn’t absolutely appalling, but it isn’t great either.

Clothes are the usual focus of these little self imposed challenges but I think I’m the absolute worst for buying accessories and chickening out of wearing them. It could just show how lazy I am that I can’t get it together enough to put anything on after clothes.

I had a very quick rummage and grabbed the first five things I’m pretty sure have never seen the light of day. Two belts, a necklace, a headband kind of thing, and some very metallic shoes.

Absolutely no idea how I’m going to style these things, and I’m fairly sure I’m setting myself up for a massive fail. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to pull something out of the bag, otherwise these pieces are getting evicted.

Stay tuned!

Much love!