Style: budget styling update

Quick recap, the aim of this week was to attempt to style accessories that have been buried in the back of my wardrobe for far too long. Not convinced how successful it has been, I’ll let you all be the judges.

Day 1

So this is the newest disregarded item to enter the wardrobe. It came from ASOS a few months ago and the label has just come off. This challenge came at the perfect time (I wonder who planned that?). My hair drier broke and I discovered how hard my hair is to style with out heat. It’s basically impossible. Cue the headband. So the rest of the outfit was a bit meh and did make me feel a tad bit frumpy but at least my head was kind of sorted out.

Day 2

This belt has been hanging around for maybe 4 years, I really don’t think I’m exaggerating there. I thought I’d play it safe with the rest of the outfit. That definitely doesn’t mean I chickened out. It’s not like I wore the exact same things the week before. I think the belt worked at making me look less like I’m in pyjamas, but on the other hand it also felt less like being pj comfy.

Day 3

I think this may have been a Topshop bargain about 8 years ago. (I’m starting to feel very old). Kind of loved this little mix up with this great little faux suede skirt I found in the charity shop. The necklace needs to go though. For the first half of the day I sounded like I was wearing a cow bell, the second half I had to tuck it into my skirt before it drove me crazy. I think it’s been hanging around long enough without any purpose, it’s time to be dismantled and maybe have a shot at a new life. Who knew old jewellery had so many possibilities? Maybe.

Day 4

This day was a fail. My plan was to wear the metallic shoes. For more than 2 minutes. I bought them just before Christmas and haven’t dared to wear them. Not for any kind of ‘out there’ factor but because they have to be the most uncomfortable things in the world. I was running late this morning and trying to get one foot in one shoe was more than enough to put me off. These definitely need to go. Very soon.

Day 5

This belt (magically) appeared about the same time as the previous one. It still had the label on. Didn’t completely hate how this looked. It was ridiculously uncomfortable though. I sat in the car and it felt like I had a mini corset on. That might be slightly dramatic but the whole thing was so rigid. I feel like this might have to be evicted from the house.

This hasn’t felt like the most successful or mood boosting fashion week. On the bright side I’ve found some things I can get rid of and a new wall (minus a skirting board) to pose in front of. This could be the slowest way to have a wardrobe clear out.

Stay tuned!

Much love!