Craft: silver mushrooms

I may have mentioned (once or twice) how much I love the jewellery course I signed up for at the beginning of the year. I love it. It might turn Wednesdays into the longest days every, bit it’s worth all tiredness.

My latest obsession is delft clay casting. Not too complicated (once you kind of have the hang of it), makes use of my ridiculous stash of old buttons, I get to play with the big fire torch, and they look pretty. One of the other ladies on the course joked about my enthusiasm and the mission I seem to have been on the past couple of weeks. It might be time to try something new before I become the weird clay girl in class.

My mission has been quite productive. They will all look prettier after they’re all cleaned up, but before, they look like weird little mushrooms. Possibly drunk, not quite perfectly formed mushrooms.

Am I the only one who finds these little guys pretty cute? I feel like they’d be the base for some simple sketches. Imagine arms, eyes and expressions added on. Doodle mushrooms. Sounds like quite a good photoshop break to me. Especially if it gives me just the right distraction to figure out what to actually do with the cleaned up fellas.

Stay tuned!

Much love!