Style: Pinterest styling

I’m setting myself up for my hardest challenge yet.  Hair, makeup and outfits.  All Pinterest inspired.  All at the same time.  Such a challenge, I know.  I have spend many, many hours over many years pinning things I like and never really doing all that much with anything.

I’m mainly dressing for work this week.  That place is enough to drive anyone crazy, so it is quite nice to have the distraction of thinking about absolutely anything else.  I’ve definitely got a couple of key styles that I keep being drawn towards.  Skinny jeans and a nice top.  Wide leg trousers and little tops.  Everything needs to be office appropriate (i.e. not something that will give an old man a heart attack or an opportunity to perv.  I want to try and mix it up over the week though and not end up with basically the same outfit in a slightly different version.

pinterest fashion board

Hair styles do seem quite limited with super short hair, so fingers crossed on this one.  I’ve pinned quite a few blonde/coloured styles so that will be a good way to mix up the week.  There’s also a bit of texture and plaiting go on which I think will give plenty of scope for different hair everyday.  As long as I don’t end the week hating how short my hair is and wanting to grow it out, everything will be okay.

pinterest hair board

I will admit, recently I have been tending to get distracted by the crazy makeup on Pinterest.  Looking back to before I got addicted to the weird, there are actually quite a lot of sophisticated looks that are a lot more polished than my usual 5 minute job.  Hopefully they won’t be too difficult and I won’t find myself getting stressed out and wanting to get back into bed.

pinterest makeup board

So, I’m going to give myself a slight break with this challenge (or I could be making things harder here), I’m going to broaden the title to ‘Pinterest inspired/Pinterest worthy’.  I don’t really think that is going to make anything any easier on a practical level, but hopefully it will on a psychological level.  How much am I kidding myself right now?  Currently I don’t have any looks planned out at all, I think the plan is to swap my morning snooze for a quick Pinterest session to find my inspiration for the day.  What could go wrong?  Anyway, hopefully this week is going to be spent feeling like a well polished, functional adult.  I’m well aware being a proper adult is about way more than how you look, but it’s a pretty easy (and fun) thing to play around with.

Stay tuned!

Much love!