Craft: jewellery making part 6

I may have found my new favourite way to cast silver. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. The method is called cuttlefish casting. I’m quite happy to have a little brag and say I’m very happy with my first attempt.

Here’s the starting point. Bought from a pet shop. Intended for little birds (I think). Not a place you’d traditionally think jewellery comes from.

I missed getting photos of the next steps, but in a nutshell: chop in half, grind to get smooth surfaces, carve a shape, melt silver, pour. Nice and simple. Slightly smelly.

How cool does the burn out look? I somehow managed to melt just enough silver to fill the space, very lucky.

I’m not too sure what it’s supposed to be. Maybe a weird little cartoon moon? Hopefully all the different textures will really stand out once it’s been polished up. Pretty happy with the results. Especially for a first attempt. My favourite thing about this method is the fact the cuttlefish can be prepared away from class. There’s a high chance of me becoming the most hated person at college next week by creating a batch and drinking out the class. So many fish to buy and shapes to create.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



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      1. It helps them with their calcium digestion and to make sure the front part of their mouth doesn’t deform, since they have no teeth and sort of use that to snap on things.

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