Style: challenge rejects, hair

After yesterdays makeup attempts that were absolutely no use for the weeks challenge, I thought I’d share a few hair fail/attempts as well.  It’s probably very clear that these were not inspired by Pinterest.  These are the results of getting very distracted and seeing what my little hair can do.

I’d like to name these two ‘The Cartoon Child’ and ‘The Oversized Minion’.  The dungarees really set off these styles I think.  I love the way my hair sticks straight up with literally no coaxing at all.


It’s amazing the power a bit of dry shampoo holds.  It has the power to hold my hair straight up.  Sometimes slightly out at angle.  These could be called ‘The Three Stages Of Jedward’


Then the gel came out to play.  I don’t really know what to say about these three.  My hair hated every second and did its best to resist any style.  I don’t blame it.


I’d like to say my hair for the weeks challenge has been a million times more successful.  There’s a good chance I’d be stretching the truth every so slightly. I’ll let you all be the judges when the update is ready, but rest assured the hair gel was kept far away every morning.

Stay tuned!

Much love!