Style: legs out challenge

After last weeks not so much of a challenge, challenge, this week I’m going to push myself so far out of my comfort zone I’m probably going to be questioning my sanity on a daily basis.

I hate to follow suit with female stereotypes, but I’ve always been self conscious about my legs. Shocker. I very, very rarely get my bare legs out in public. Culottes have been a recent break to this unwritten rule, but generally anything showing more than high ankle requires tights or long boots. This really is a stupid hang up. My mum once said when I was younger, you’ve got legs that work and get you where you want to be so be grateful not critical. That might not be word for word but it follows the general gist.

I’ve been going backwards and forwards on whether to attempt this, and I’ve finally decided my anxiety about showing a bit of leg skin is a little bit ridiculous and I need to get over it.

So, I still have to be at work and don’t fancy highlighting myself as a perv object (I work in the 1950s, it’s not right but it pays the bills). I’ve picked out a few things that do show skin but not too much. Think has to be the first self imposed challenge that has got me genuinely nervous. Fingers crossed on a confidence boost and not a trip down memory lane to school ground bullies.

Stay tuned!

Much love!