Style: Pinterest styling update

The week of Pinterest (officially) ruling my life is over. There’s no doubt it will still be unofficially ruling any spare time where I’m kidding myself that I’m being productive. There was plenty of inspiration on my boards, half the challenge was narrowing down my options and making decisions.

The weeks fashion inspiration. I had wanted to get more of a mix of styles, shapes and colours, but my wardrobe turned out to be more limiting than I expected.

I managed to keep my makeup inspiration pretty subtle but definitely different from my usual day to day attempt. Didn’t think the crazy colours would go down well at work so gave them a wide berth.

Hair was a struggle. I’m still on the search for styles that will actually work with hair as short as mine. Not going to lie, I did end up dreaming about growing my hair out.

Day one

Black trousers, striped top, peachy heels, bronze eyeliner, side parting with plait. I’d have liked this outfit so much more if the trousers weren’t too big, it was one of those where they felt fine when I got dressed but as soon as I started walking around, they were threatening to make me flash. The eyeliner was much more successful than I had expected it to be. It was surprisingly easy to make a flick with a fairly chubby soft pencil. Hair was a little bit meh by the end of the day, far too much heat going on.

Day two

Sandy culottes, black top, white trainers, rose gold eyeshadow, side parting. These trousers really don’t photograph well (I’m going with that over they don’t flatter me at all) very comfy outfit, definitely more of a casual day in the office than a polished day but that’s absolutely fine. Love this makeup. Very simple two shadows all over. The first time in years I’ve used my finger to apply eye makeup. Don’t think I did such a bad job on the days blow dry and didn’t end up dreaming of longer hair this night.

Day three

Cream wrap blouse, skinny blue jeans, flat peachy shoes, double eyeliner, front plait. I’m fairly certain I’ve worn this outfit to work before. In fact, I’m wearing this top in my website staff photo. That was before I had all my hair chopped off though so it still counts as a new look in my books. I liked the double eyeliner and think I somehow managed to do a pretty good job of in my opinion, but hay fever doesn’t agree with any eye makeup. By the end of the day I was looking a little bit smudged. Who doesn’t like a plait? I was pretty impressed all the short bits right at the start actually stayed in place all day.

Day four

Off-black skinny jeans, white sleeveless shirt, mauve? 3/4 length jacket, cream wedges, pinkish hair, smudged eyeshadow, darkish lip. This outfit was a lot nicer in my head. In real life I felt more like a cross between a member of the Addams family and a school girl trying to make her uniform look not like a uniform at the end of the day. When I first did my eyes, I looked a bit like I’d woken up after a late night having not taken my makeup off. By the end of the day, I didn’t hate it so much. Hair, how can you go wrong with a bit of pink?

Day five

Black culottes, white textured box top, black velvet boots, mini quiff, gold lower lash shadow, fine black flick. This outfit felt a lot better all day than I expected it to. I’d forgotten about these boots but think they gave the outfit that extra fancy bit to stop it being a standard boring outfit. I was very impressed with my eyeliner. I think this was the first time I’d managed to get both sides even and thin, usually the flicks end up a lot chunkier in an attempt to get them to match.

I felt pretty put together this week. Got quite a few compliments for looking smart, although the standards in my office are set pretty low. Every morning I felt like I had too much going on around my eyes, but consistently by about lunchtime I was feeling it a lot more and sometimes think I could have gone further. It could have just been my fault for the pins I chose, or Pinterest’s for what it brings up for workwear but everything was very safe and simple. It could just be that’s the socially acceptable office uniform, which is fine, it’d just be nice to mix in some colours and textures in the future maybe. Life’s too short to be safe and simple. The next challenge is going to have to be a lot more challenging I think.

Stay tuned!

Much love!