Craft: jewellery making part 7

This was a little bit of a fail week.  To be honest, I think I’ve had a bit too much luck with experiments recently and it’s probably about time I had a disaster to bring me down a peg or two.  There’s a very good chance I got a bit too carried away with carving without thinking too much about how the shapes would work.  Do you know what?  I’ve learnt from my mistakes, know how I could make things better, and most importantly I don’t feel bad about any of it.

I managed not to stink the class out completely with the weird burning fish smell, only a little bit.  This did raise a few eyebrows but nothing that couldn’t be laughed off.  I don’t know if the outcomes made reactions better or worse.

Pre stalk removal it kind of looked like I’d created a load of weird magnifying glasses.  And a rock.

Post stalk removal we have four questionable rings, and a rock.  The rock was supposed to be a super multifaceted piece.  I didn’t use enough silver or have enough definition in my mould.  Ah well.  If this one had worked, it would have been crazy heavy and not practical at all as a pendant.  As for the rings, I don’t quite know what to say.  To be honest I don’t hate them as much looking the day after.  They aren’t all perfectly lined up, but I do (theoretically) know how to make this work next time.

I think my plan going forward from here is to attempt cleaning the rings up and see if they can become remotely passable as jewellery.  The rock is going straight back in the melting pot.  Right now, I think there’s a high chance everything will end up back in the fire and in a (hopefully) more successful fish.

Stay tuned!

Much love!