Style: legs out challenge update

I survived a week with my legs out.  What an achievement.  After my initial apprehension about this challenge, I’ve been really pleasantly surprised.  All my anxiety seemed to disappear pretty much completely as soon as I’d hit publish on the challenge post.  I’m definitely not saying I’m suddenly cured of any hangups, but I have made the conscious decision to not let them rule my life.

Day one

Denim pencil skirt, flowery blouse and pointy, little heeled shoes.  I thought heels would help with this challenge, but I also wanted to be fairly comfortable all day.  I liked this outfit.

Day two

Checked pencil skirt, white top and butterfly shoe boots.  A very similar silhouette as the day before.  Quite a good staple work shape.  A little bit of a pain going up and down stairs with the whole riding up issue, but not too much of a problem that I wouldn’t wear the outfit again.

Day three

Blue culottes, textured top and wedge boots.  This was an accidental cheat day.  I remember these culottes being shorter.  Either I’ve shrunk, or my memory just isn’t that great.  The whole silhouette here was a lots boxier than I’d usually go for and I’m not sure how much of a fan I am.

Day four

To make up for cheating the challenge, I went all out on my day off.  Short shorts and a (temporarily) stolen dog, perfect for a nice walk in the countryside.  This is probably the most exposed I’ve ever been in the UK.  My gym outfits used to have more fabric.  It was a pretty secluded walk, but there must have been a good five strangers who saw all my skin and you know what?  I couldn’t have cared less.  So empowered these days.

Day five

Maroon floral dress, black turtle neck and black velvet boots.  I wasn’t too sure about this outfit when I got dressed but I didn’t have time to sort anything else out, which I am quite glad about.  Genuinely got a high five from a stranger in the street for this outfit.  It was a very bizarre interaction but it did put a cheesy grim on my face.  Not 100% sure if I would wear this whole outfit again, but I did like the loose(ish) dress and ankle boot combination.

Day six

White top, stripy skirt and leopard shoes.  This was my least favourite outfit by far.  I’d contemplated heels then decided I was over the day already and heels were not welcome.  I had my legs out and that’s what the challenge was all about.  Didn’t feel awful about them, just really wasn’t keen on the way everything fit.

I’m quite proud of myself for getting through this week without any tears.  It was easier than expected, but I’m not going to lie, I went straight back to jeans on day 7.  Some shopping may need to be done to add some more leg friendly pieces into the wardrobe.  We’ll see.

Stay tuned!

Much love!