Style: L’Oréal Colorista

After shaving my hair, I was feeling unstoppable. What’s crazier than a bit of temporary dye? Many, many, many things.  This little box had been sat in my handbag since I was buying a Boots meal deal and spied the offer sign on the shelf.  I really can’t resist an offer.

With this being an impulse buy, I hadn’t done any research or seen that lovely two and a half star rating.  Ah well, what’s the worst that could happen?


After shaving my undercut tidy again, my top blondey bits were looking pretty fluffy and patchy.  I’ve been playing around with mixing Bleach London shampoos and conditioners recently, I like the colours that come out but it’s never usually any kind of full coverage.  Such a great look, I know.


The application process is really simple.  Gloves, goop, 15-20 minutes.  My lack of hair is a pretty big bonus with any kind of dying, it doesn’t take much product or time.  That suits my concentration level for all things beauty to a tee.  Short hair also makes it pretty easy to make some shapes and give yourself a little head massage without making a mess.


Before the big reveal, I feel like I should probably talk about this product a little bit.  I’ve not read any of the reviews but at this stage I love it and don’t know what everyone else is moaning about.  It goes on really nicely and I haven’t ended up with any purple stains anywhere, despite being the least careful person with things that stain.


I love it.  It feels soft and nourished and that colour.  Right at the roots it does go brown, blonde, purple but I don’t mind that at all.  This has to be the brightest I’ve ever had my hair.  It was pink a couple of years ago but that was mainly over dark hair so it was nowhere as colourful as this.  If my nanna could see this, she would absolutely hate it.  But then again she literally had nightmares when I went blonde.  Maybe I just won’t mention it.

The true test is going to be weather or not it washes out.  It’s supposed to be a 10(?) wash temporary situation.  If it does wash out in a few weeks, I’m definitely going to be trying every colour they have to offer.  At this point I’m a bit too nervous to read the reviews in case they all say it never comes out.  Too late to changes things now.

Stay tuned!

Much love!