Style: shaving my head

What’s a girl to do when she lives alone, doesn’t want to pay for a haircut and has possibly lost the plot? Shave her hair of course.

Now I’m not talking full on Britney melt down, although the older I get the more I can completely understand where she was coming from.

I think my who cares attitude/confidence from last weeks leg challenge is definitely growing. This is potentially going to get me in trouble, but luckily this wasn’t the case today. I decided that being the strong, independent female that I am, why should I be relying on anyone else to shave my head? Bare in mind, the only thing I’ve ever shaved before is my legs.

It took one glass of wine, about 30 seconds of telling myself it’s only hair, two mirrors, a paint pot camera stand, and another 2 minutes to transform my bathroom into a makeshift personal salon.

I’ve always had a very chilled out attitude to my hair, but I surprised myself at how quickly I got into this. Maybe it’s the whole not giving yourself time to talk yourself out of something thing. Proud of myself. This was surprisingly therapeutic and now the back of my head is all velvety again.

This whole process has also made me wonder what to do next. Don’t think I’m quite ready to go full skin head but I do think I bit more experimentation is needed.

Stay tuned!

Much love!