Craft: embroidery attempt 1

This mini project officially started a few weeks ago.  It was a non starter.  The last time I attempted any kind of hand embroidery was over a week about a million years ago the first time I was at college.  I’ve never followed a pattern, or even though of doing, until I (somehow) came across a website that offers free patterns.  I can’t resist a freebie.  From my (very) limited experience, these patterns are great.  Pretty and easy for a novice to follow enough to get an outcome.

The first time I’d tried tracing out a pattern, the fabric I used was thicker and fluffier.  Not ideal for getting a nice clean line.  My thought process took me to layers of netting, because you can see through it but it isn’t a single, super see through piece.  Idiot decision.  This means trying to precisely place a needle through three layers of what is basically plastic.

I do love a line drawing.  Especially one with a messy side.  Using the mesh as a base wasn’t the worst thing in the world, it could just maybe been a bit neater if I’d have been able to get the thread exactly where I’d wanted it.

Adding blocks of colour took way longer than I had expected it to.  To the point I thought I might loose my mind.  It definitely didn’t help that I wasn’t completely sold on what I was making.  Maybe if I had a bit more faith in the whole mini project from the start, I’d have also has a bit more patience.

We got there in the end though.  In the original design, there should have been some mint green rectangles mixed in with the other colours.  I didn’t have a mint green and I quite liked having the net texture show through.  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.  It definitely wasn’t because I was sick of stitching the same area.


No idea what I’m going to do with this.  All I know is it looks like a fried egg with a beak.  This kind of pattern does remind me a little bit of those pictures us 90s kids made on Paint.  I’ve got half an idea forming of a Paint x Photoshop cross over and some nice new embroidery threads.

Stay tuned!

Much love!