Style: holiday prep part 1

The end of the week is holiday time.  I have three days left at work and could not be happier.  I am also very aware of the fact I have done zero prep, despite having a bit master plan set up about a month ago.  To give myself a slight break, this has been partially because I’ve been sad, but I can’t blame everything on my mood.  I have just been quite lazy as well.

For last years summer holiday, I got ever so slightly carried away and bought far too many things I (a year later) have only worn once, that one week, a year ago.  Ridiculous.  My plan a month ago was to get the sewing machine out and have a full on revamp of things that are already in my wardrobe.  I don’t think there is realistically time for that now.  I think there should still be plenty of time to get a little bit creative and find new ways to put together outfits.  How hard is it for a 20 something to look marginally put together in Spain?

Step 1.  Assess the current summer wardrobe situation.

So, it turns out I’ve actually bought more summer clothes since last year. Those sneaky eBay buys can really catch up with you. I was slightly concerned (massive first world problems) that I’d end up completely in the same outfits as last year. I don’t think that’s going to be such an issue.

Step 2. Make some choices.

As a general rule, I properly pack about an hour before I have to leave the house. I also like to pack light. This combination isn’t a great match. But, at the end of the day I’ll be sat by a pool at the end of the week and as long as there is a bikini in my case, everything will be just fine.

Maybe more importantly, my kindle and audible need to be fully stocked. Any book recommendations are very welcome. Also if anyone can think of anything I’m more than likely going to forget, that would be great too.

Stay tuned!

Much love!