Craft: jewellery making fails part 1

In an earlier jewellery post, I think I may have mentioned getting a bit over confident with my abilities and not quite ended up with usable pieces.  But, not to be a negative Nancy, everything is a learning opportunity and if you never try new things, you’ll never get anywhere in life.

My first fail for the night came with trying to cast a ring.  When I told my teacher this is what I wanted to do, she did have a bit of an eyebrow raise.  I’d got it into my head this is what I wanted to do and I was determined to try it.  Basically, I’ve decided that I need  a ring with some kind of gem shape attached but that is completely made of metal.  It makes sense in my head, who knows how practical it would be to make or if it would look any good in the end.  You never know until you try.  While I was at work, I’d been sat thinking about how it could potentially work.  My thought had been delft clay.  This process shows really fine details so it should be perfect.  Should be.

Here is my starting ring, and my outcome.

It is far, far away from the ring of my dreams.  It could be down to the ring I chose to cast, my limited skill level, an impossible task, or all of the above.  My teacher did suggest giving it another go just making the shank of the ring thicker so the silver would have more of a chance to get all the way around.  It honestly wasn’t laziness that stopped me from trying again.  The gem stone part of the cast is nowhere near as defined as I want and I think the design on the shoulders just makes it look a bit messy.

I am going to say though, even though this was a fail as a ring, I kind of love it as a little ornament type thing.  It stands up by itself and reminds me a bit of those balancing bird things that fascinated me as a kid.

Second fail of the night came in the form of enamel.  The one and only time I have tried this process before, it went pretty well.  Not every piece was a complete success but I’d give myself a (generous) 65% success rate.  This time, 100% fail.  My vision had been to add a light layer of colour over little pieces I had textured and then add chain to the coloured and non coloured pieces to create a mini range of stacking necklaces.  In the end piece you can kind of see the circle texture through the purple, but the purple is uneven and not what I had in mind.  I also don’t really think any of these colours work that well with the base metal colour.  Back to the drawing board I think and keeping it silver with silver chain and the natural colour of the gilding metal.

I think I’m going to give myself a little break and say these aren’t strictly fails, they’re learning experiences of what not to do.  Definitely heading back to the drawing board to figure out how to make the images I have in my head a reality.

Stay tuned!

Much love!