Style: L’Oréal Colorista update

After my initial L’Oréal Colorista review type post, I thought it would be a good idea to do a follow up of if and how the colour washes out.  Spoiler alert.  It comes out better than expected.  According to the L’Oréal website, the colour should wash completely out in 1-2 weeks but surely that time just depends on how often you wash your hair?

Day 1

First day of dying and we have this lovely vibrant purple.  It didn’t give an absolutely complete coverage, you can just see little areas of blonde that didn’t take the colour very well.  This could be down to how my hair has been bleached as it only seemed to be the root sections that have only endured one session of bleach.  To be honest though, I really didn’t mind this variation and don’t think it made me look like I’d had a nightmare home colour job.

Wash 1

I think the first wash showed the biggest change in tone.  The purple is still very visible but does seem to be a bit more of a pastel than the vibrant it started off as.  You can also see far less colour on the shorter side, but again I think that’s mainly due to the different condition of hair in that area and I still didn’t hate it.

Wash 2

The bulk of the purple can still be seen here but in that more pastel/muted shade.  You can start to see a bit more of the blonde coming through but there seemed to be a nice even fade kind of spreading down from the root.

Wash 3

There’s definitely much less purple showing and in a much more muted tone, but I think this does work really well as a more subtle look with just a splash of colour.  This reminded me a bit of the effect of using the Bleach London shampoo and conditioner, as that only ever really sticks to the dry damaged ends.

Wash 4

This wash didn’t show too much difference in shade, but I did notice that the dye seems to have had the effect of a purple shampoo.  All my blonde roots aren’t showing any brassiness and I’m actually really happy with the colour.  While washing out, I have only used ‘normal’ non specifically for blonde shampoo and conditioner as I didn’t want any products to interfere with how this product washed out, if that makes sense?

Wash 5

I completely forgot to take a photo here.  I literally remembered as I was in the shower getting ready for the next wash.  There wasn’t much noticeable change to be perfectly honest.  I think by this point as well I was getting a little bit bored of basically taking the same photo every couple of days and not seeing that much change.

Wash 6

On my short side, I was basically back to blonde.  All the purple had gone and my roots were coming out pretty strong on the longer side.

Wash 7

This isn’t the best picture.  I apologise.  I’m not going to lie, this was taken after a night out on holiday when I realised I was about to skip a wash day again if I didn’t take the picture there and then.  In my deadest ends (that are becoming overdue for a chop) there is the slightest bit of colour left over.  I think this is purely down to the ropey condition sun, bleach and heat treatment has left my hair in.  I don’t think L’Oréal can be blamed for that.

I’d said in my first post how pleased I was with this product, and my opinion hasn’t changed.  The initial colour was great, it washed out, and I think maybe most importantly it washed out in a really nice spectrum of shades.  The last time I tried a temporary purple, it went from black to teal to green and then stayed green until I had it all chopped off.  Not ideal.  From my experience, I will definitely be trying out some of the other colours they have on offer and keeping my fingers crossed all the formulas work as well as this.

Stay tuned!

Much love!