Craft: jewellery supplies part 2

When you’re not completely bossing your new hobby, what is the most logical thing to do?  Introduce your new credit card to the website where jewellery dreams are born – Cooksongold (definitely not sponsored by them, but completely wish I was).  My inner inspiration board is overflowing with ideas and beautiful potential products that are ready to be made, or attempted at least.  I am very excited about this box, there’s a good chance I was more excited opening this parcel than I ever have been opening any ASOS delivery.

I have never geeked out so much over tools.  Cannot wait to use these hammers.  Another sentence in this blog that I never thought I would be saying.  In theory (I think), you hit things with these hammers and the texture transfers, so with these particular hammers it will be circles, checked or stripes.

I’m excited and slightly nervous about these new toys.  From what I understand, you put your metal circle over a dimple, choose a good sized ball stick thing, start hammering and eventually you end up with your desired dome size.  I’ve seen some cute necklace and ring ideas for dome shapes, so fingers crossed I can pull this off.

These little letter stamps are just the absolute cutest.  I have always loved personalised items and pretty much anything that involves stamping.  What better tool to buy?  I think it’s pretty safe to say (providing I get a pretty good grasp of the process) not far off every present I give in the future is going to be stamped somewhere along the way.

I saw these little things and just couldn’t resist.  Not only are they cute, I’m pretty sure they were used in a demonstration video for the dimple cube.  I suppose it saves time to have pre cut circles rather than having to cut them from a sheet and finish them all by hand.  I’m not 100% on what I’m going to do with them, but there’s the beginnings of some ideas running through my head.

I don’t think I’ve quite said it enough, so I’m going to mention it one more time.  I’m super excited to have a play around with all these different tools and hopefully get some exciting results at the end.  At the very least I’m sure I’ll have some fun working out what I’ve got myself into.

Stay tuned!

Much love!