Lifestyle: no spending, 6 weeks

The past few weeks I’ve been giving my bank account a pretty hard pounding.  Clothes, shoes, make up, craft supplies, take aways, and any other thing that has taken my fancy.

I’d seen this idea on the blog Brokedown Vanity.  Love the premise and her blog.  I also loved the rules and acceptable cheats.

So, my rules are:

No clothes, shoes, or accessories (basically anything that would be living in the wardrobe room) – this includes anything bought new, from eBay, charity shops or anywhere else I could potentially swap money for items.

No make up – I have plenty of substitutes if I do run out of anything.  (My one potential cheat here is I will allow myself to buy face wash or moisturiser if I run out, that has to be a skin care necessity though?)

No take aways.  No excuses.  I might just delete any and all food apps now.  (I will allow myself one meal out a week maximum so my minimal social life doesn’t die a complete death)

No craft supplies, including (but not limited to) jewellery making things, wool, fabric, paper, paints… (My garage is currently full, I have no cheat options here, there is absolutely nothing else I need until I’ve used up some existing supplies)

I also can’t resist a challenge and generally making life harder for myself that it ever needs to be.

So, my challenges are:

Make at least one thing per week using the copious amount of supplies currently in the garage.

Buy the majority of my weekly food from the local fruit and veg shop near work, and the butchers if I get a craving for a burger.  Also as a side note here, I currently have plenty of cupboard food hanging around which could really do with being evicted from the kitchen.

Have a wardrobe clear out and get things on eBay or send them to the charity shop.

I do have one not completely necessary spend coming up that I refuse to skimp on.  My hair is on the verge of leaving me during the night unless I get it to the salon for some serious tlc.  I don’t think anyone wants to see this mop after another 6 weeks of neglect.

Aside from the haircut, I’m quite looking forward to seeing this challenge through.  I’m hoping it’s going to force me to use things up that I already have, save a few pennies, cut down on the amount of unnecessary things in the house and have a bit of fun keeping up with the rules and challenges over the next 6 weeks.

Stay tuned!

Much love!