Style: beating the holiday blues

In some kind of attempt to keep the holiday blues away, my work wardrobe needs a bit of a summery spruce.  The same rules (if you can really call them that) apply.  Nothing too inappropriate for summertime in the office.  Preferable something that will show my tan off too.

I thought I’d take the planning back to the old days of when I first started setting myself fashion challenges.  The only things not accounted for are makeup and accessories.  Makeup is probably going to be fairly simple, maybe pushing the boat out with a bit of eyeliner if I wake up early enough.

According to the rules of my no spending challenge, absolutely nothing here is new.  Somethings might have shown up in a work challenge or two before, but I hope I’ve manged to put them together in different ways this time.






With the unusually nice weather forecast for this week, I just hope I’m going to be cool enough all week.  Hopefully I won’t look like a crazy person by the end of the week either.  I have some doubts about some of my decisions, but who knows, maybe a couple of little risks will pay off.

Stay tuned!

Much love!