Style: holiday update

Who doesn’t love a bit of time in the sun, away from real life?  Five days in the sun with nothing but my kindle percentage and keeping stocked with cold beers has sorted out the majority of any stress that has been building up since last years escape to the sun.  That doesn’t mean to say we didn’t have any fun and watch a few sunrises at the same time.

The days were mainly spent melting away in bikinis mixed up with the odd dip in the pool.  The internet doesn’t need photo evidence of that.  I will admit straight off the bat, most of these outfits pictures were taken at the end of the night.  That clearly makes the most sense to wait till the cocktails have taken over and the evening sun has done its best to make all the makeup disappear.

Night one

One thing I really love about being on holiday (aside from obviously the relaxation), is being able to wear things you wouldn’t normally at home.  The last time I wore these silky trousers was last holiday.  This cheeky little top was an impulse eBay buy that was mistaken for lingerie when I opened it at work.  These shoes were also a little bit of an impulse buy.  ASOS, I can’t remember exactly how much but I’m fairly certain less than £40.  I was slightly concerned my legs would end up looking like wrapped hams, but was very pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable they were all night long.

Night two

Technically, 7am morning three.  Here we have last years Love Island trousers, another tiny eBay top and the best sandals I have ever bought.  So.  Many.  Tassles.  I don’t think I need to say any more where the shoes are concerned, although they were also a last minute ASOS buy (not sponsored, just obsessed).  I felt very, very sassy in this outfit.  I would never normally flash this much flesh, but in the sun I felt absolutely unstoppable.

Night three

This was the only time I wore actual clothes during the day.  I loved this outfit.  Felt slightly like a cross between a clown and a toddler, but I don’t think I have ever been so comfortable – especially in the sun.  This is a top from last year that I don’t think ever got a look in, a borrowed pair of shorts, and of course, the tassels.  I can’t remember the last time I got a day to night look to work.  No complaints about this one at all.

Night four

Frozen peach daiquiri, borrowed high waisted shorts, borrowed stripy tie top, and have a guess which shoes.  I did feel slightly strange going to a restaurant with no bra and most of my belly out, but the cocktail definitely helped with a little confidence boost.  This was also the only photo of the week that managed to be taken before 3am.  Just look at that sunshine.

My original plan was to pack as light as possible and just have what I would potentially need.  Taking just a carry on suitcase and small rucksack, I still ended up with 3-4 outfits that maybe got hung up if they were lucky to make it out of the case.  I really enjoyed having thought through my makeup selection first, you really can’t tell but I tried out some more metallic and shiny eye looks.  I do wish I’d had more lipstick options but that wasn’t the end of the world.  Maybe I’m just going to have to go away more often to perfect this packing light malarkey.

Stay tuned!

Much love!