Style: beating the holiday blues update part 1

I have to say, I’m not very proud of my efforts this week.  I’d try blaming the holiday blues, but I think the heat going on this week has just melted away any ability to dress myself and document it.  It has been so hot.

Day 1

Spotty wide leg trousers, white cut out top, leopard pointy shoes.  Basically pyjamas.  So comfortable, especially for the excess heat going on, but lets be honest not the most holiday inspired look.

Day 2

Pale blue trousers, white cross over top, pointy patterned mules(?).  This look did feel slightly more summery.  Not a huge amount though.  Skinny trousers are also not the most ideal for being stuck in a hot office for 8 hours.

Day 3

Game over day.  No clothes and no work, basically nothing to report.  I’m such a let down. I know.

Day 4

Striped wide leg culottes, maroon top, black jelly shoes.  This was the outfit I was questioning the most.  I actually kind of loved it though.  Probably my favourite look of the week.

Day 5

Floral jumpsuit, white top, nude shoes.  This is my grown up toddler look.  I don’t know any other way to describe it.  This wasn’t a part of the original plan, but I forgot my legs could rival a gorillas with no time for the razor to come out.

This challenge definitely needs to be extended for another week.  I can do better than this.  100% more effort will be going in I promise, just as long as I don’t melt during the night.

Stay tuned!

Much love!